Amazing! FREE Money: Get Paid for Workout Regularly Together. The New Grant & How to Apply

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Singapore Government is really one of the best government in the world. There are numerous grants (free money) to support various positive progress in the society.

Today we discovered this new grant: fun & fit for sure, Fitness Interest Group Grant! Yes, you get paid if you get more people to work out with you, regularly. 🙂 Read on for details and link to official website for applications.

The Health Promotion Grant (Fitness Interest Group) serves as a seeding fund to encourage and enable individuals to initiate and implement sustainable and impactful regular physical activity programmes in the community.

Eligibility criteria

This grant is eligible for individuals who are interested in implementing physical activity programmes in form of interest groups for their community/members.

Groups should aim to achieve the following objectives:

a) Provide a platform for regular participation in a physical activity programme

b) Motivate and/or facilitate change in attitude and behaviour relating to physical activity

The three group categories are:

(i) Individual-Based Physical Activity eg. Running / Brisk Walking / Cycling / Tennis/ Badminton/ Bowling/ Hiking etc. (minimum 10 pax)

(ii) Dance Aerobics / Strength Training (minimum 15 pax)

(iii) Team Sports eg. Soccer/ Dragonboat/ Futsal etc (minimum 20 pax)

Other criteria can be found in the funding guidelines.

Application period

The deadline of application for the FY18 Fitness Interest Group (FIG) Grant is 17 December 2018.

Further enquiries

For enquiries, please contact 6435 3090 or email and; subject “Enquire HPB FIG Grant”


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