Folding Seats on new MRT trains to increase standing space during peak hours

Twelve new trains will be installed with the “tip-up seats” or folding seats, to create more standing space for commuters during peak periods.

A photo showcasing the new folding seat system.

Four sets of three folding seats can be found in the center of each train section, across North-South and East-West Lines (NSEWL). The seats will be operated by the train driver, folded during morning and evening peak period for maximum standing capacity, unfolds when off-peak hour hits.

The Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) logo will be featured on the train for the first time, green and red stripes represent the color of NSEWL, against a white background.

A photo showcasing the new train design.

The 12 new trains will have an improved Current Collector Device (CCD) shear-off detection to detect any lose contact with the third rail, which powers the train.

NSEWL is on the project to introduce 57 new trains into service by 2017, and so far 47 has been delivered, the remaining 10 are scheduled before the end of this year.

This brings the total number of trains on the two line to 198, three times more than when NSEWL started.

The 12 new trains with folding seats are built in Qingdao, China, by Kawasaki Sifang Consortium. LTA stationed its engineers at the factory to ensure production quality during assembly and testings.

The trains are expected to start service before the end of this year.

LTA had been heavily criticized recently for their lack of maintenance, hence causing the several delays and accidents leading to their lowered satisfactory rating.

This could be the make or break for them to gain back the public’s trust again for their services, especially for their CEO Mr Desmond Kuek who had been heavily criticized for being incompetent in leading the organization.

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