Food Guide to Amsterdam: Vegetarian and Vegan-Friendly Eateries Part 1

Guide to finding the best vegetarian & vegan-friendly restaurants in Amsterdam.

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I’ve lived in Amsterdam for 4 years and I still visit it at least once a week. I’m always checking out new food hotspots in Amsterdam. On this page, I’ve listed my favourite healthy and vegetarian (or vegan) friendly restaurants and added a few nice things that you can do in the city. If you’re looking for hotspots in other cities in the Netherlands you can click here. If you like vegetarian burgers, you can check my top 10 of the best veggie burgers in Amsterdam here.


Originally from Rotterdam, Bazar is located in an old church in Amsterdam and is a great brother to the restaurant/hotel in Rotterdam. They serve exotic dishes and have many vegetarian options, like the delicious vegetarian platter pictured above. The prices are very reasonable and the service is fast. Even if you’re not looking for vegetarian dishes, you might want to come just for the colourful interior


Beter&Leuk near Weesperstraat in the East has many gluten-free and vegan options on their menu. As if the healthy food isn’t enough reason to go there, the waitresses here are very friendly (especially for Amsterdam standards)! They also sell clothes and Scandinavian gift items in this little place.

Sometimes they also organise yoga lessons and cooking events, so many things going on in this small lively place! Want to enjoy the delicious food in the comfort of your own home? Great news as Beter&Leuk also has a takeaway shop next door. 

Box Sociaal

The name sounded a bit strange to me at first, but don’t let the name stop you from going there. Once you’ve entered Box Sociaal you’ll understand what I mean. The waiters are one of the friendliest in Amsterdam. They welcome you with positive energy that is very contagious and uplifting!

Box Sociaal is open for lunch and dinner and their menu is quite extended. For lunch, they have some lighter dishes like a fresh fruit platter and more heavy items like their Hangover Breakfast Sandwich.

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Corner Bakery 

Yoghurt with homemade granola and an abundance of fresh fruit!

Corner Bakery is not only vegetarian-friendly but it’s also very Instagram friendly! The dishes are all made up nicely and you get a colourful placemat as the perfect background for your snapshot!

As you can see they top their dishes with many colourful ingredients. They’ve got many healthy options of which quite a few vegetarian ones. They’ve got many smoothie bowls with for example acai or dragon fruit, sweet options like pancakes or french toast and sandwiches with all kinds of toppings.


Dignita in Amsterdam South is probably your healthiest option for lunch in town. They have great poached eggs, but my favourite is the Earthworks Salad Bowl. A vegan dish that’s different every time, because they use ingredients from the Lindenhoff gardens. Besides the seasonal vegetables, it always has avocado, wheat free grains and gluten-free seed loaf. This dish is vegan and gluten-free.


Dophert, located at the Spaarndammerbuurt (north-west of central station), is a vegan lunchroom. You can order soy yoghurt with granola for breakfast, quesadilla’s with vegan cheese for lunch or blueberry pancakes for your weekend brunch. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday they’re also open for dinner.

Their speciality is this Dophert Burger, a tasty chickpea patty with vegetables and chipotle mayonnaise. This burger is so popular that you can order it for lunch and dinner! The Dophert burger also made it to the top 10 of my favourite veggie burgers in Amsterdam, click here for the entire list.

DopHert also has a sister restaurant in De Pijp called Deer Mama, here they serve vegan burgers and vegan milkshakes.


One of my favourite healthy hotspots is ‘Foodhallen’. It’s an old tram building which now hosts several food stands.

If you like middle eastern food as much as I do, you should stop by at Maza. Here they serve wonderful vegetarian food like falafel and hummus. They have a falafel wrap, but you can also order a platter with pita bread and several dips. The Maza hummus is also for sale in many Dutch supermarkets. 

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Another great stall is Fento. They serve healthy Asian/Mexican fusion. Like this vegetarian tostada with black beans and mushrooms. Fento shows that eating healthy is delicious and I couldn’t agree more of course!

If you like Dim Sum, you should definitely visit Dim Sum Thing all the way in the back. They have a nice mixed platter and also have many meat-free options.

Also worth the try is Viet View, where they serve authentic Vietnamese street food like Banh Mi and Spring Rolls. I’ve been to Vietnam and I loved the food there! 

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The only thing better than a good vegetarian restaurant is a good vegetarian restaurant with swings! Stop by at H/eart.h at the Albert Cuyp market for a nice bowl of vegan soup or one of their tiramisus. They have five different kinds of tiramisu. Besides the classic version, they also have a limoncello tiramisu and one with chocolate and raspberries just to name a few. And they even have vegan tiramisu (pictured above)!


I’m a huge hummus fan, you can also see my hummus recipes on my foodie page or read about my trip to Israel on my travel page. Luckily Amsterdam also has no less than three great hummus restaurants.

Sir Hummus

You’ve got Sir Hummus in the nice area called ‘De Pijp’.
Sir Hummus is run by 3 Israeli’s and they make real authentic hummus. You can choose between a big or small portion, white or whole wheat pita’s and they have optional toppings like beef or aubergine. You can also buy your hummus and pita bread ‘to go’.

Hummus Bistro D&A

In the Jordaan area, there’s Hummus Bistro D&A, where they don’t only have hummus but also serve baba ganoush (eggplant dip), shakshuka and labane (yoghurt cheese). Their whole wheat pitas are the best, nice and fluffy.

De hummus house sells hummus with a choice of toppings, several main dishes like shakshuka and they have several middle eastern style tappas. The best thing to do is to order a few things with your company so you can taste a bit over everything.

All three hummus restaurants in Amsterdam are worth going to. If you’re in the city centre you can go to De Hummus House, if you’re in East you can go to Sir Hummus and if you’re in Amsterdam West you can go to Hummus Bistro D&A.

Koffie en de Koeck

Gluten-free corn cracker club with avocado and grilled bell pepper.

Koffie en de Koeck is a little heaven for vegans. This all-vegan restaurant near the Westerpark serves breakfast, lunch and high tea’s from Tuesday to Saturday. Besides that everything is 100% vegan, they also work with as many organic ingredients as possible. Their vegan cream cheese is delicious and the sweet potato hummus with dukkah (Egyptian nuts and spices) is a must-try!

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