Food Guide to Amsterdam: Vegetarian and Vegan-Friendly Eateries Part 2

Best Food Hotspots in Amsterdam!

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A continuation of our Guide to Vegetarian and Vegan-Friendly Eateries in Amsterdam

Mana Mana

I already told you that I love hummus and you probably also know that I don’t eat meat. Are you also a vegetarian hummus lover? Then you should really go to Mana Mana in the Pijp area. They’ve got great hummus, falafel or vegetable dishes served with pita bread. And they’re willing to cook vegan for you!

All dishes are made to share, so you can just pick around 2 dishes per person and see how your table gets filled with delicious vegetarian dishes. I recommend the baba ganoush, this grilled aubergine spread is super tasty!

Marits Eetkamer

Marit started her vegetarian living room restaurant in 2011 but recently upgraded her restaurant. It’s now called Marits Eetkamer. She has more space for the restaurant and added a completely vegan menu. Guests can choose between 3, 4 or 5 courses and whether they want the vegetarian or vegan menu. The menu changes every month as she works with seasonal and local products. But it’s always delicious and prepared with love!

Meatless District

The name Meatless District already suggests that there isn’t any meat on the menu, but this restaurant is even 100% plant based! Everything on their menu is vegan and they have some delicious options for either lunch or dinner. For lunch you can go for one of their big sandwiches, like the one I had (pictured) with walnut and mushroom pate, cucumber, mango chutney and crushed walnuts. They also serve dinner, their MD burger is famous!


Pancake restaurants in Amsterdam can be rather tacky and touristic. Luckily there’s Mook in Amsterdam West. Mook is light and spacious and a little bit hipster. They serve delicious pancakes all day long (and some avocado dishes if you’re not into pancakes). Mook has got both sweet and savoury pancake dishes on their menu. They can make your pancakes vegan or gluten free without an extra charge!


MYLK is a plant based lunchroom/take out in Amsterdam Zuid. It’s located at the Zuidas where all the major offices are, so it’s perfect for a healthy lunch break. They have a salad bar where you can choose between many veggies or you can go for one of their sandwiches. They have many vegan and vegetarian options, but are not completely vegan (the term ‘plant based’ can cause some confusion)


Ninour is the perfect love child of a foodie and a fashionista. This perfectly decorated shop and deli sell designer items from around the world, and they serve delicious healthy food. All their dishes are vegetarian, refined sugar-free and where possible organic and locally produced.

The menu has Moroccan influences as you can see in their couscous dish with hummus and avocado. This wrap with homemade parsley hummus and grilled vegetables are delicious. And you should also try their ‘skinny dipper’, a big plate with homemade hummus and various spices served with Lebanese bread. Ninour is owned by a young couple and by the beautiful colour combinations of the walls and the tables, you can tell that one of them has a history in fashion!


holynut annetravelfoodie
Roots is probably best known for their organic cold pressed juices. But I’m not a juice person, I prefer to eat my calories. So I go there for their wraps, salads and mostly: their desserts! They sell the raw treats from Holy Nut. They are raw, organic, sugar-free, dairy-free and paleo friendly. But still super tasty! My favourite is the Chocolate Salted Caramel slice (pictured above).


SLA (Dutch for ‘lettuce’ ) has 5 branches in Amsterdam, the one on the Ceintuurbaan being my favourite because you can eat your salad in the nearby Sarphatipark. SLA serves juices, soups and of course: salads. You can order one of their favourite combinations, or you can create your own salad with your favourite ingredients. They have many vegetarian and vegan options. Pictured is a vegan salad with spinach falafel balls, spelt couscous, roasted cauliflower and hummus.


Despite its name, this isn’t really a snack bar. The first difference is that SNCKBR isn’t a take-out, as a matter of fact, it has a great interior with many plants so you wouldn’t even want to leave straight away! And the big difference is that nothing is deep-fried here. So you might call SNCKBR a healthy snack bar. Because they do serve your favourite ‘guilty pleasures’ but in a healthified way.

For each item on the menu they’ve stated the number of calories, so you can eat as healthy as you want. Vegetarians and vegans also have plenty of choice at this restaurant in the Pijp area. Their stuffed bell peppers with bulgur are a delicious vegan option


Vegabond is a vegan lunchroom meets vegan supermarket, making it the perfect stop for all vegans in town. It’s located in the city centre around the corner from the Anne Frank museum. Their lunches are delicious (vegan cheese!) and the mini supermarket is great for getting the not-so-usual vegan products like silken tofu, vegan cheese en even vegan whipped cream.

Vegan Junk Food Bar

I love the Vegan Junk Food Bar in Amsterdam! They opened up their first all-vegan fast-food burger bar in Amsterdam-West in 2017. It was a big success right away! By popular demand th,ey opened up 3 more restaurants. On the menu of the Vegan Junk Food Bar in Amsterdam, you’ll find exactly that what you would expect: 100% plant-based fast food. The most popular categories on the menu are their burgers and the loaded fries.

Read more about the Vegan Junk Food bar here. 

Winkel 43

The only unhealthy restaurant that I’ll recommend is Winkel 43 in the Jordaan area, where they serve the best apple pie of Amsterdam. Speaking of apple pie, did you already have a look at my recipe for a healthy apple pie?

My other restaurant recommendations in Amsterdam

In the city centre you can have a high tea in the smallest house of Amsterdam, pancakes at Madam Pancake, Turkish food at Ali Ocakbasia fancy lunch at the brasserie of the Waldorf Astoria, a Thai meal at Adam and Siam, a luxury dinner with a Dutch twist at Lt. Cornelis or go for an English breakfast at Greenwoods Tearoom. On Sundays, you can have a Mad Hatter’s Brunch at Bluespoon. Love interiors? Check out Restaurant Bridges or art-deco cafe Americain.

In the Pijp you could go for tacos at Chiapas Taco Cartel, choose between 100 kinds of cereal at Cereal & Chill, have a matcha dessert at the Matcha Bar or a healthy poke bowl at Temakary. Lover of Indonesian food? Mama Makan is the place for you! Right next to metro stop De Pijp you’ll find Happyhappyjoyjoy for Asian street-food and Deer Mama for vegan burgers.

In East you can have delicious sushi at Sushi ‘n Sake, dinner at Frank’s Smoke House, go on a food tour on the Java street, have dinner at the water at Restaurant Nomads, eat rescued food at Instock or go for wonderful Italian food at Impero RomanoThe Commons is open for lunch and dinner and you can enjoy affordable food from a Michelin star chef at Café Cliché.

In Amsterdam South-East, you can stay at the beautiful QO Hotel and have brunch or dinner at Restaurant Persijn.

In South, there’s a great food market called Market 33 with pita’s from Pita Queen, a nice hotel with a lobby serving vega(n) food and a great sushi restaurant called Sushilee. You can also have vegetarian Asian food at Wagamama, a boozy brunch at Brooks, Dutch cuisine with a twist at Restaurant Joost or be surprised about the high quality at a former garage at Restaurant Atelier.

In West you can have a fancy organic meal at MOER, a sweet mini pie at Sticky Fingers or go to Kanarieclub in the Hallen.

If you missed out Part 1 of Anne’s Food Guide to Amsterdam, here it is.

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