Foreign workers voluntarily shelter commuters from rain at a bus stop despite being on break

Displaying a heartwarming gesture, some foreign workers who were taking a break from their outdoor work-as it was raining heavily, voluntarily held out umbrellas to shelter commuters who were boarding and alighting buses from a bus stop in Sengkang.

Mr Winson Heng alighted from the bus on his way home, expecting rain to fall upon him. However, he encountered one of the foreign workers who sheltered him from the rain.


Touched by their gesture, the 27-year-old posted about his experience on Facebook later that day (May 28), which has since been widely-spread, with the public complimenting the foreign workers.

In his post, he expressed how touched he was by their kind act and he believed that they kept up their actions for at least an hour.


To express his thankfulness, Mr Heng bought four 1.5L bottles of 100 Plus for them.



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