Former Malaysian PM admits: “I was a dictator”

Former Malaysian PM Mahathir has just stirred up a social-media frenzy in a tongue-in-cheek Facebook post titled ‘THE DICTATOR’ . While his sarcasm was apparent to most, some commentors took what he said literally, and, needless to say raised a furore across social media platforms.

You can find his full Facebook post here. Here are some excerpts from the post:

On Malaysia mainstream media: 

“I presided over an authoritarian Government of Malaysia for 22 years. Any mention of my name must be preceded or followed with the qualification “dictator”.”

On Bodyguards
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“I also demanded for a six men police escort. But they told me that a minister gets only one plain-clothed policeman. I warned them to wait until I became Prime Minister.”

On private jets:
“I inherited from Tun Hussein a Boeing 737 business jet. It was big and expensive. So I decided to sell it and buy a smaller aircraft. I believe the savings went into my secret account. I don’t know where. There should be a police investigation.”

On his secret money stash:
I set up five heavy industries and pocketed a good percentage of the capital. The money is kept in secret accounts in numerous banks. The accounts are so secret that I myself don’t know which bank. Not to worry. The police will find out. Another RCI can be set up.

On not wanting a personality cult:
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“I did not want schools to be named after me because dictators normally do not like personality cults. So when I became Prime Minister I did not allow my name to be attached to any building, road or public toilets.”

On resigning
“There are many other authoritarian acts perpetrated by me,” he said. “But, to cut a long story short, as a true dictator I decided to resign. All dictators do this.”
“Hitler and Mussolini unfortunately died before they could resign. Franco of Spain and Salazar of Portugal were about to resign when they died.”
“But I was lucky. I was able to resign before I die. This confirms that I was a true dictator. I ordered some ministers to rush up to me and cry when I made the announcement.”

His conclusion:
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“No one should know about all my authoritarian acts. It is sufficient just to state that I was a dictator. If asked why you say I was a dictator, just say everyone said so before. Therefore it must be true”

The post was originally posted on his blog.

Dr Mahathir is currently in the running for the upcoming Malaysia General Elections in August. At 92-years old, if he wins, he will be the oldest recorded Head of State in history.

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