Four e-scooter riders jailed for ASSAULTING pedestrian

Normally if you were to bump into someone, you would apologise. However, when e-scooter rider, Mr. Ng Yeow Tim, 40, bumped into Mr. Griffiths’ arm, the former angrily confronted the latter, sparking a heated argument.

(From left: Thomas Leong Sin Kwang, Tay Woei Chain, Ng Yeow Tim and Tan Wee How)


When the 45-year-old Argentinian, Roman Barros Griffiths, was walking with his wife in Bishan Park 1 late on February 10 last year, four men on e-scooters rode towards the pair.


Mr. Griffiths raised his arm to signal them to stop so he and his wife could cross at a junction, but the four, reportedly to have consumed four bottles of beer at a coffee shop, did not heed his signal and rode past. Ng, being the last rider of the quartet bumped into Mr. Griffiths’ arm and confronted him.


After a furious exchange of words, Ng rode away and told his friends what had happened.


They then searched for Mr. Griffiths looking to settle the score and spotted him about 10 minutes later.


Tan Wee How, one of the quartet, suddenly ran towards the Argentinian and punched him thrice in the head.


Mr. Griffiths tried to escape but the three other attackers were relentless, punching and scratching him before he eventually managed to break free and call the police. His wife had told the group to stop the attack but Tan kicked her leg, causing her to fall. The men fled shortly after.


Though they managed to run, they could not hide. Karma caught up to them as Mr. Griffiths’ wife found Tan’s phone which she handed to the police.


When Tan called his mobile phone, a police officer answered. He subsequently returned to the scene of crime and was identified as one of the four assailants by the victim. The others were apprehended soon after.


Ng was sentenced to jail for a week while his two other partners Tay Woei Chain, 28, and Thomas Leong Sin Kwang, 37, were sentenced to two days in jail.


Tan, 34, was also sentenced to two weeks’ jail and had a second assault charge for kicking Mr Griffith’s wife taken into consideration during sentencing.


He was offered bail of $5,000 as he wishes to settle his personal matters before serving his sentence. He must surrender himself to the State Courts on May 14.


Even without the effects of alcohol, there are people who cannot ride their e-scooters properly. Maybe the law should be extended to “do not drink and ride”?



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