Furniture store offers to return Condom packet left at store with $50 voucher

Marketing stunt, or simply really strong advocates of safe sex in Singapore?

Singapore Furniture store HipVan sees a moderate amount of young couples coming in every day to procure furniture for their new HDB flats.

But last Wednesday, a HipVan employee spotted something quite queer underneath a sofa at their HipVan experience store outlet at The Cathay.

It looked a little something like this:

Something under that sofa… Source: STOMP

Zooming in a little, here’s what it looks like:

Oh…a condom. Source: STOMP

Yup, it is exactly what it looks like – a condom.

A HipVan employee allegedly then wrote to STOMP Singapore, telling them:

“We’ve been getting lots of love from our customers, but we think that one of our customers might have gotten a little too excited while at our store and accidentally dropped something important.”

“We assume they urgently need this item back,” the employee added.

If you thought this was going a bit too overboard over an unused condom, what she offered next was even more baffling.

“We’re hoping to return this item to its rightful owner together with a $50 HipVan voucher to return his love for us.”

That’s right – the fortunate soul who couldn’t keep the condom in his pants gets a $50 HipVan voucher for his little mistake.

It sounds a little too good to be true – it could very well be yet another marketing stunt, similar to the #threedollarballer stunt Circles.Life pulled recently:

Giving Out Lots of $50 Cash at Orchard Road: Circles Life is “The Guy” Behind #3DollarBaller

Some people who might need the item:

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