The gender gap – How prevalent is workplace discrimination in Singapore

With campaigns such as the #MeToo movement that has taken the world by storm recently, society seems to be taking the concrete step towards promoting gender equality.

However, women in Singapore are still facing discrimination, albeit in more subtle ways, in the workforce. In fact, such forms of workplace discrimination may be harder to eradicate it is seemingly ingrained in many industries.

In a recent study conducted by Ministry of Manpower it is reported that men earned a median salary of $3,988 a month (excluding CPF) across different occupations. In comparison, women earned $3,500 for full-time work.

The difference is astounding: a difference of $488 per month. The difference is also more evident in high level managerial roles.

5 jobs with largest gender pay gap

  1. CEO : Men: $10,000 / Women $6,500 ( Net diff: $3,500)
  2. Policy/ Planning manager: Men: $11,109/ Women $8,110 ( Net diff: $2,999)
  3. Research and development manager: Men: $9,359/ Women $6,811 ( Net diff: 2,548)
  4. Financial Manger: $10,178 / Women $7,760 ( Net diff: $2,418)
  5. Education and training manager: Men: $6,510/ Women $4,302( Net diff: $2,208)

In contrasts, in jobs where women do earn more than men, the pay gap is considerably smaller.

The silver lining

Despite the lack of improvement in gender equality in Singapore, more women are entering the workforce.

More heartening is the fact that more women are taking up jobs with professional or managerial roles.

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