Genting Dream Cruise – a FULL Review of 5* Cruise Ship, TONS of Food & Activities

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TLDR: Genting Dream Cruise Highlights

Things You Can Expect:

  • Endless GORGEOUS views of the sea, sky, sunsets and all those worthy insta-shots! Our influencer’s recommendation? Get the Balcony Stateroom to have your own private balcony!
  • SUPER FUN activities such as water slides, mini golf, bowling, rope course & more!
  • Land Tour: Visit tourist attractions, eat good food and shop loads when your cruise docks at Kota Kinabalu & Brunei

Look Out For:

  • Bar 360: there will always be something interesting happening – such as the crew of China Got Talent
  • Zodiac Theater: Super Amazing performances that will leave you speechless
  • Finale Night: Fireworks Party!

Tiny Thoughtful Surprise

  • If you’re lucky enough, the friendly Genting Dream Cruise staff might just throw you a surprise birthday celebration! For our influencer Chermaine Choo, she received a birthday card on her first night, as well as a slice of cake during one of her dinners:)

Genting Dream Cruise14 – 19 July 2019

Singapore – Kota Kinabalu – Brunei – Singapore

I’ve been on a cruise trip once, and that was during a short trip onboard another cruise ship two years ago. I didn’t get the chance to really explore the whole place and enjoy all the facilities. Needless to say, I couldn’t wake up for the shore excursion at Phuket too. Which is why I’m super excited for this 6D5N Genting Dream Cruise experience. Coincidentally, it is also my birthday week so double win for me!

The whole checking in process was pretty simple and smooth. They’ll actually pass you your cabin cards before boarding the cruise, so all you have to do is find your cabin once you get on board.


There’s a Genting Dream Cruise App that I think everyone should download before heading on board. You can view your transaction history, get your wifi, read the Dream Daily, get any information about the cruise, book your entertainments and so much more.

Day 1

This is the unedited view from our cabin. I can predict I’ll be so happy waking up to this view every single day. This is so beautiful.

Once we settled down into our own cabins and a little bit of relaxing, we’re ready to explore the cruise! First stop, The Palace.

We can choose one of the main courses available. They change their menu every day. There’s a side bar for salad and dessert buffet.

I got the Baked Cod Fish with Tomato Salsa and Nutty Soya Vinaigrette, Mousseline Potato with Truffle Oil.

After our meal, we decided to walk around and tour the cruise on our own since it was the first night and we’re still unsure of everything.

We chanced upon this amazing dance performance at Bar 360 and found out that they actually have performances as well as live bands here every single day. Everything can be found in the Dream Daily.

As we were walking back to our cabin, we also chanced upon the theme party in the lobby area. We decided to sit and watch for awhile, it was a very wise choice. There was a lot of laughter and interactions. Like the Bar 360, they also have themed parties, acrobatic performances, and live bands here every single day.

We called it a night to prepare ourselves for the next day, and I got a surprise when we went back to our cabin…

The staff of Genting Dream Cruises gave me a birthday card! Super thankful for all the plans that were coming ahead.

Day 2

Ready to see what’s in store and planned out for us today? Of course, food is very important to us! We decided to try the Dream Dining Room for lunch. This place is also on the list of inclusive dining areas on board the cruise! They change their menu every day and there is a lot to choose from.

As usual, we roamed around a little before our cruise tour. This is how the Zouk Beach Club looks in the day. Skies were a little gloomy but still enjoying everything (and a little bit of editing makes a photo look better).

Sunbeds like these are almost everywhere in this area and you can get a good tan if the weather is good. It’s free for all unless there’s an event held there!

The Waterslide Park behind me. You can take nice photos here before it opens so there’ll be no one in the background, other than a lifeguard in my case.

Next, we went up to deck 18.

Staircase up to Deck 18

You get to see the whole Main Pool Deck area from this level!

And places like this to chill at in the day/night!

Up at Deck 19, this is the Palm Court. You can grab a drink at the bar or sit and lounge at any one of the seats.

Ok, enough of us exploring around on our own, it’s time to go for a cruise tour with one of the staff from Genting Dream Cruise! I don’t have all the images of the tour as most of them are videos instead.

The private pool area for The Palace guests only. They have a lot of facilities specifically only for The Palace guests on board as they are the VIPs.

This is the Crystal Life Fitness and omg how amazing is it to be able to work out and look out at the sea. Best workout view ever!

Next, if you just look at this, would you have guessed where we are at? I never knew they had such a thing on board!

This is the Bridge Viewing Room. You can see the captains on duty and how they manage everything through a window.

They also framed up awards and information on the cruise, as well as a mini Genting Dream Cruise built to mimic the actual one!

Next up, cabin tours! This would be how the most basic Interior Stateroom would look like.

And if your cabin is the Balcony Stateroom, you’ll get this balcony area and view every day.

Every cabin comes with these amenities like bottled water, coffee, tea, toothbrush, etc.

Here we have the Penthouse, only available to The Palace guests. There are limited numbers to these cabins.

There’s a sitting area by the side of the cabin where you can lookout and right below you’ll see the helipad.

You also get this view when you’re taking a shower or soak in the bathtub! What can get better than this?

Being a VIP must be really good. It was a pity we couldn’t get to see the Suites & Villa they have on board as all of it was occupied during the period we set sail.

Moving onto the next activity once we were done with the tour… Bowling time!

You have to pay for this on board but I think it’s a good family bonding activity to try. Just take note that if the currents are strong, your ball might sway accordingly too hahaha. That’s what makes it even more challenging!

Super extra but I love the concept of the whole bowling alley I had to snap a photo.

We continued exploring after bowling. On the other side of the Mini Golf area, you can find the Ropes Course. The one with higher difficulty level was closed today so we just settled with the easy level one.

We roamed around a little more again after bowling, and we found the Mini Golf area! So we decided to have a competition between ourselves.


We also went up to the SportsPlex to take a look. You can play soccer and basketball here if the weather allows.

When time was up, we headed back to our cabin to get ready for dinner.

Here for dinner! Umi Uma Teppanyaki. It’s not inclusive but for the experience, totally worth it! The chef will entertain you throughout your meal time! He even made a flower with the egg white. He was super engaging and I enjoyed myself so much.

Appetizer to start off.

And here’s my meal. I chose the beef set, comes with garlic egg fried rice. You can have more rice for free too!

The staff were really nice to present me with a birthday cake and song. I really loved it and I was super thankful for everything.

Super excited because after dinner we’re going for the Sonio Show at the Zodiac Theatre!

Opening of the show. I won’t spoil much, but it was a really WOW performance. The whole time I kept going “wah” “omg”, so this is what you can expect while watching it. Remember to make reservations through the Genting Dream Cruise App!

One sneak peek will do. Don’t miss it if you’re ever on board and if there’s a show going on!

While walking back to our cabin… There were performances at Bar360 again! This time it was from the casts of acrobats show! Some jaw dropping entertainment again! This space is always so happening.


We didn’t really want to end the night so early, so after changing out we wanted to find somewhere to chill. Saw the night view of the Main Pool Deck with all the lights and colors, so pretty!

Walked to the Zouk Beach Club to see that there was a themed night party going on but we had no energy hahaha.

We sat by Bar360 just to enjoy the music and beer and casino atmosphere haha. We called it a night after this because long day ahead tomorrow!

Day 3

We finally managed to wake up for breakfast! This time we tried The Lido and I’m always happy with a buffet spread.

Today was also the day we are heading to Kota Kinabalu to spend almost a day on shore.

There are two options for you to choose from, one would be free & easy or a shorex tour. If you choose the latter, there are different shorex tours available as well. I would recommend going with a shorex tour because it is a total foreign country and they actually have pretty interesting tours.

Our first stop was the Sabah State Mosque.

On to the next location… The Sabah Museum.

This is a whale skeleton and it is smacked right in the middle of the entrance. Everyone was pretty amazed by it.

Just what you’ll expect in a museum; lots of history.

We paid a visit to Kampung Warison, right next to the museum.

It’s a kampung village that’s maintained for people to know more about the history of it and how they lived. You’ll learn some pretty interesting facts!

Next up was the Poh Toh Si temple.

Then we moved on to a great spot with the Tun Mustapha Tower as our background and our touristy poses.

They even have “photo booths” for you to take your pics at! Hahaha.

We were all dropped off at the Fillipino Market for our free & easy shopping time. Didn’t manage to get any photos here as it was already night time but it’s like a night market whereby you can get your groceries and all. You will see lots of barbecue and seafood at the food area as well. It was a pity we didn’t have much time left here, otherwise we would definitely try the food as it smelled too good to miss.

It was time to head back on board!

And by now, we were famished after a whole day of exploring on land. We literally rushed to the Dream Dining Room to have dinner just before they close for the night.

Since we had some time before our next schedule, we paid the arcade a visit. It is 24 hours so you can come anytime and they have hourly deals for the games.

We went back to our cabin to change out… Massage and spa time at the Crystal Life Asian Spa. This was soooo good after a long day of walking. They have discounts and packages for everyone so book your appointment with them early!

Each massage session with them entitles you to the Thermal Lounge. You can relax in the Vitality Pool here, or detox in the Steam and Sauna Rooms!

Right after this, it was perfect to fall asleep so the day was done for us.

Day 4

It was supposed to be the day for Brunei but we couldn’t go down because of attire conflict. I didn’t prepare for an outfit that was appropriate until we checked the night before. Brunei is a very religious country so it might be illegal and offensive to head down dressed in my clothes so we gave it a miss. I was really disappointed but nothing can be done. So lesson learnt, always check the destinations and their laws when packing for a trip.

We realized we haven’t been into the pool yet so it was a good day for it!

By the side of the Main Pool, there are Warm Jacuzzi Tubs to relax in. Perfect on any day!

The pool’s really deep so I didn’t dare to step foot in at all. Some families brought their own floats to use here and it is actually allowed.

They have a playground for kids with slides and all. No age limit so here I am playing on it. I got screenshots of these from the videos we took but you get an idea of it. I think it’s pretty fast even for me! Fun for all ages!

The Waterslide Park is something you shouldn’t skip. I can’t count the number of times I went down these slides too!

After all that fun, it’s dinner time! Guess our dinner venue tonight…Prime Steakhouse! They have daily set meals available at a reasonable price. Here’s our soup of the day and appetizers.

Dinner for two. I had steak while he chose the lobster pasta. Then we added some prawns and half a lobster to share! The drinks are also priced very reasonably and the waiter would recommend you the best wine to go with your meal.

We had another show in the Zodiac Theatre after dinner but didn’t manage to capture any photos. And called it an early night thereafter, too tired after the swim.

Day 5

It’s our last day on the cruise so we decided to just chill a bit and try to complete whatever activities we haven’t tried.

This is the Zipline. Sadly it wasn’t open on the day we wanted to try it. Apparently it wouldn’t operate when there are strong winds, so this is something you should take note if you want to do the Zipline.

We tried the Ropes Course today, couldn’t get much photos because we had to keep our phones in the lockers. It is not as easy as it seems but you get a very good view up there.

Wanted to try the Rock Climbing Wall but I wouldn’t dare to dismount myself at the top. The queue was always very long for this.

If you’re bored and if you know how to play chess, there is a big one on the same level for you to play.

Once we were done with all the activities, we wanted to chill a little bit more and enjoy the breeze since it was the last day on board 🙁

I really think if you’re going to come on board, please get the Balcony Stateroom just so you can wake up to this view everyday and relax by the balcony enjoying the sea breeze.

There is also a foam party on the last day at Zouk Beach Club, but you have to pay the entrance fee to enter. We were busybodies so we went to take a look. I think a lot of kids will love it.

Last dinner here as well. We went to The Lido and it was the best choice made! Best variety of food ever! As you can see, they allow each person to claim one plate of lobster each with a coupon given as you enter. There were beef and seafood too! Really filled my stomach to the max.

We’re ready for the finale of the night and whole trip – Fireworks party at the Main Pool Deck!

Everybody will be there and it’s something you can’t miss!

There will be performances, live band, dancealongs and of course…The highlight of the night, FIREWORKS!!

Everything were taken in videos because I really wanted to keep every memory of it but trust me, you will really enjoy the last night. Super sad our 5 nights came to and end so quickly but can’t wait to be back on land as well.

Day 6

I woke up to this. Can you spot MBS from here?

Checking out was really easy since everything was charged to our cabin cards. You can also choose to settle your bill on the app. Then once you’re cleared of everything and have collected your passport, you can slowly make your way out.

It was a really great experience for me overall and I would definitely come back again for the other different destinations that they offer. But until then, hello Singapore.

Dream Cruise Experience [Vlog]

Sponsor: Travel on a Budget with CruiseGoWhere! Whats-app 85242705 or call +65 6358 4231 (9am to 6pm). Quote “SingaporeGo” as your source.

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