Genting Dream Cruise – BUY 1 GET 1 FREE [Sponsored]

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Although March holidays just ended yesterday, it is never too early to start preparing for your next trip. With holidays such as Good Friday and June holidays coming up, your next adventure could be on the Genting Dream Cruise!


While there are a lot of various types of rooms, my personal prefer room would be the Balcony Stateroom.

Genting Dream Cruise Balcony Stateroom

The amazing interior of the Balcony Stateroom

This class stateroom comes with a balcony for guest to experience the ebb and flow of the tides while still in a quiet and comfortable room. It has sufficient space for 2-4 and comes with a queen-sized and a sleeper sofa bed.


Many people may not want to go on a cruise trip in fear that all they can do is to stare at the sea. Well, I am here to tell you that is not true. Check out what facilities there are on the Genting Dream Cruise:

  • Water Slide Park

Slide on Genting Dream Cruise.

The slide covers nearly the entire top deck…

  • Ropes Course

The Rope Course on Genting Dream Cruise

Challenge your fear of heights while out at sea

There are many more activities such as rock climbing wall and mini-golf. But personally, the above two are my favourite.

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For a 3 Nights Trip to Phuket, a couple would only need to fork out SGD$820.

The most expensive ticket would be the 2 Adults 5 Nights to Surabaya-North Nali at SGD$1760. The ticket for one adult is SGD$1540, how worth is that?

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