Get BRAND-NEW banknotes this Chinese New Year!

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From 29 Jan to 15 Feb, brand new banknotes will be available in circulation! Simply head down to your nearest community centre to withdraw these new notes from the POSB pop-up ATMs there.

The list of community centres is shown below:

Additionally, this year, DBS has made it easier for customers to withdraw small notes without multiple transactions.

By that, it means that if you want to withdraw $300, now you can withdraw it as either: 1) six $50 dollar notes, 2) thirty $10 notes or 3) any permutation of the two types of notes so long as it adds up to $300!

Even our first president is happy about this

This would save customers time spent queueing which they can spend with their loved ones.

Furthermore, customers who withdraw or collect new notes at these branches and pop-up ATMs will also receive two sets of either DBS or POSB red packets!

Get DBS red packets! Source

Priority queues will be set up at full-service branches to cater to the elderly and those with special needs.

You can reserve the new notes from Jan 29 onwards at: 

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