Grab launches new E-Scooter sharing service GrabCycle

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Not an April’s Fool joke: Grab is launching E-scooter sharing services with its new app GrabCycle.

Since bike-sharing was rolled out in Singapore last year, news about it has been fraught with appalling stories of theft, unkempt parking, and even bikes thrown into rivers.

So much so that, earlier this week, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore unveiled plans to regulate bike sharing via Geo-fencing.

Is Bike Sharing Geo-fencing more inconvenient? 6 Things You Should Know

Now, let’s talk about E-scooters.

E-scooters have been around for some time, but only gained popularity as a viable, affordable alternative to bicycles in the last 1-2 years.

However, in that span of time, E-scooter usage have also generated quite a bit of bad press, causing accidents and multiple cases of fire outbreaks from overcharging.

LTA has also just announced that all E-scooters and their owners would have to be registered sometime in the second half of 2018.

E-scooters soon require mandatory registration with LTA

And now, our beloved ride-hailing company Grab wants to combine the both of these things – E-scooter sharing. 

Earlier today (9 March), Grab announced that it was launching a new bike and e-scooter sharing business, based on the mobile app GrabCycle.

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GrabCycle release. Photo: CNA

GrabCycle users will be able to use shared bikes and e-scooters from any of Grab’s mobility partners – oBike, GBikes, Anywheel and PopScoot.

Users can pay using their GrabPay credit accounts, which are linked to the main Grab app.

Release Date

However, it’s not coming out immediately.

Grab will be testing out GrabCycle in Sentosa in the first half of the year, before fine tuning and rolling it out islandwide.

Grab has also indicated that provided GrabCycle is successful in Singapore, it wants to expand it throughout the whole of SouthEast Asia.

“Our focus is to test it out to make sure we get it right here and if consumers love it, then there’s nothing stopping us from continuing to expand throughout Southeast Asia,” said Mr Reuben Lai, head of GrabVentures.

It has not been confirmed how public sharing of E-scooters will play out with the new LTA regulations in place.

What do you think of this venture? Is it creative, or will it further endanger the safety of pedestrians on walkways? Let us know down in the comments!

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E-scooters soon require mandatory registration with LTA

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