GrabHitch drivers to be charged 10% ‘platform fee’ for all rides from June 1

With the lack of competition, ride-hailing giant, Grab, will launch a new initiative from June 1, imposing a 10 per cent “platform fee” for GrabHitch drivers on all their rides.

Citing that the company is ready for the next wave of development- one that has to be sustainable at its core, Grab said in an email on May 29 to drivers: “Your contribution helps us to fund our operating expenses and invest in various initiatives and product enhancements with a sole objective – to channel value back to you in greater fold.”


While on its website, Grab said the platform fee, which is currently set at a flat rate of 10 per cent of the original fare amount, is required for the “sustainability and improvement” of its service. These include ensuring better matches, reducing last minute cancellations and no-shows from riders, it said.


Unlike GrabCar and GrabTaxi drivers, who pay up to 20 per cent in commission, those who use GrabHitch currently earn the full fare for rides, but are also restricted to a maximum of two rides per day.


Will this platform fee see a decrease in the number of Hitch drivers? Probably not.



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