Can anyone even resist pancakes? What more, JIGGLY PANCAKES?

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At some point in your life, you might have seen or heard about these ridiculously jiggly souffle pancakes from Japan:

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Well, GOOD NEWS for you! They’re coming to VivoCity in June 2019.

Hailing from Osaka, the cafe has seen huge demand for the pancakes, which are only available during selected time slots, with 20 servings per slot at fixed timings, 11am, 3pm and 6pm.

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It is not clear if their Singapore outlet will function the same.

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These steam-cooked pancakes are cooked-to-order and it takes approximately 30 minutes to prepare. It is done by piping a whipped egg white batter beaten to fluffy consistency into tall paper moulds to produce its unique shape.

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A stack of the Premium Pancake costs 950yen (S$11.60) in Japan.

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Besides souffle pancakes, the Japanese cafe also offers a variety of other desserts, such as parfaits, french toasts, and fruit chocolate pancakes.

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Savoury food like soup, sandwiches, and brunch items are also available on the Japan menu (which again, is unclear if it will be brought over to Singapore, but I am definitely anticipating it!)

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Have I piqued your interest in these irresistible EXTRA jiggly pancakes yet? However, we do foresee long queues as Singaporeans just have a burning passion for queuing (Like ShakeShack and A&W at Jewel).

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Do go down and experience it for yourself, whether it is truly worth the hype!

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