Hallucinogenic Mushroom Kills.. The Unfortunate Death Of A Young Man

Hallucinogenic Mushroom Kills…


The potency of street hallucinogens should never be underestimated…

A 23-year old man jumped to his death from his hotel room, Akmani hotel in Bali, Indonesia on May 6 in the early morning after consuming Psilocybin mushrooms, commonly known as “magic mushrooms”.

The deceased, Mr Ong Chee Seng, fell 5 stories and died upon impact. He was declared dead on arrival by paramedics 30 minutes later.

He was travelling with a friend, Mr Lee Jun Yu, who was unable to prevent his death.

Indonesian newspaper, “Tribun Bali” reports that the effects of cow dung fungus found within the mushrooms were a contributory cause of his death.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, psychedelic experiences such as slowing down of time, colour distortions, out-of-body feelings are common. The entire episode may include intense anxiety and discomfort.

They display similar effects of low doses of marijuana.

Although psilocybin possesses medical benefits by alleviating depression in controlled doses, illegal drugs sold such as these are unpredictable.

Efforts have been made to eradicate the mushroom trade in Bali, although it has been slow and difficult.

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