Have you gotten your $50 from $3 dollarballer?

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Have you heard #3dollarballer? If you have not? You basically missed out on a “free” $50. If you have, did you manage to exchange your $3 for $50?

And this is not a scam, a cardboard box with a man inside turn up at the stated locations. He started handing out the $50 whenever someone feeds $3 in. Many people have already gotten their blue note.

However, the crowd (duh) got out of hand and attracted the attention of the police. The organiser claimed that she was told by the police to stop the event.

Source: Channel NewsAsia

As a result, they have cancelled their 3rd session.

UPDATE (28 Feb 2018):

“Thanks for visiting #3dollarballer. Unfortunately the event at Orchard later will no longer push through as all the $50 notes are fully redeemed. Watch this space tomorrow to see what $3 can get you!”

For those who are curious about the rationale of this event, you will have to wait until 1st March 2018.

We will be covering on the organizers behind this #3dollarballer event tomorrow, be sure to tune in again here.

In the meantime, you can read on the man in China who is throwing money at passers-by here.

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