Heartwarming: Woman takes wedding pictures with ailing grandpa so that he won’t miss her big day

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To see their grandchildren grow up and get married, is probably one of the greatest wishes of any grandparent. It is also truly heartbreaking when this is unfortunately not achievable due to poor health.

For one woman in Chengdu, this is a very real problem faced by her 87 year old grandpa.

When her grandfather Fu Qiquan was admitted to hospital last September over a stroke, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Though she is not planning to get married anytime soon, she arranged to for a bridal photo shoot with her grandpa, to commemorate the big day together beforehand.

Since then, her photos has went viral in China, with many praising her filial and selfless decision.

In the set of photos, she was pictured in a European white wedding dress, standing lovingly next to her dapper grandpa, looking fabulous in a maroon suit  with matching bow tie and a top hat.

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