Home facility for LGD Gaming- the RISE of e-Sports

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This may not be Old Trafford, the Oracle Arena or the Yankee Stadium, but this is home to e-sports giant LGD Gaming.


The newly built 400-seat arena in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou occupies 2,200 square metres and features press conference venues, fan zones, practice spaces, a bar, a gift shop and high-tech control rooms where squads of young technicians coordinate Web broadcasts to millions of spectators.

However, the price tag of the above package is a whopping $6.3 million SGD. It is, on the other hand, considered a reasonable investment, granting the fact that e-sports is booming in China, driven by popular games such as League Of Legends and Dota2, raising hopes of eventual Olympic inclusion and turning young players into rich celebrities.


The global professional eSports industry will grow 38 per cent this year to US$906 million (S$1.2 billion) in revenue, industry analyst Newzoo has forecast, with China representing 18 per cent of that, third behind the US and Europe.


“It gives our youth more choices. It’s not like before when all you could do was study. Now there are other roads,” said Mr Yang Shunhua, LGD’s general manager, in a wider picture.


With the Chinese and the rest of the world looking into the prospects of e-sports, can we really say now that there is no future in spending all that time on games?



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