Hong Kong toddler dies after choking on grape

Heartwrenching news and our condolences to the parents of the toddler who passed on.

A 2-year-old girl died at home after choking on a grape in Hong Kong on Sunday (March 4), broadcaster Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK).

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It has been reported that when paramedics arrived at the girl’s home in Tsing Yi, she was already unconscious.

She was taken to Princess Margaret Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Parents of toddlers are advised against giving them foods such as berries, grapes and nuts. If you must, cut them into very small pieces before giving it to them.

Avoid giving foods such as fishballs/meatballs to young children as well. In January, an eight-year old girl collapsed at her school playground after choking on a cuttlefish ball bought in school.

She was brought to the hospital in critical condition and passed on after 26 days.

Do spread the importance of avoiding these foods to parents of young children.

Accidents like this are always heartbreaking and tragic, but they can be better avoided if more parents are made aware of these possibilities.

Other practices to avoid:

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