How to Catch the Sakura Season’s Cherry Blossom in Japan with Singapore Airlines

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Want to catch this year Japan’s Sakura Season Cherry Blossom? Here’s how you can do it!

Cherry blossom or the blooming of Sakura trees is a spectacular sight in Japan. The Japanese would practise “Hanami”, the custom of picnicking under a blooming sakura or ume tree.

Imagine the sight

The sight of this is so beautiful that many tourists around the world have marked this on their bucket list. Unfortunately, many inexperienced tourists often miss out on this magnificent sight due to poor planning.

Let SingaporeGo teach you a few tips on how to catch this amazing phenomenon.

Check the Cherry Blossom Forecast

The Japanese values the blossoming of the Sakura tree so highly that many only acknowledge the arrival of Spring when they have witnessed this beautiful sight. They even create a calendar for each year to track the arrival of spring.

Cherry Blossom Dates

Source: Japan National Tourism Organisation

So, the best time to go will be from late March to early April. However, do keep in mind that the forecast is not 100 percent accurate.

Extend your Stay

To deal with the issue of missing the Cherry Blossoms by one day or two, we suggest that you buffer your stay. Take a 7-day trip where there are 3 days before and after the predicted date of the Sakura blooming.

Beautiful Cherry Blossom sight

Hanami, the practice of picnicking under the Sakura or Ume tree

Furthermore, this can also provide you with the freedom to travel to a spot where phenomenon has already begun. And, you will also get to explore more of Japan (Maximise your airfare!)

Buy a Rail Pass

Mount Fuji

Mt Fuji and Cherry Blossoms…what more do you want

Given that it is such a big event, what makes you think you will be the only one catching this. While staying in the city allows you to share your experience with many strangers, there will be times when you just want to take a photo of the sight without any human in it.

And this is where your rail pass comes in. Go to the countryside or simply away from the crowd. That is how you take a picture without too many people posing for it.

Seek Out Festivals


Source: smartertravel

However, if you do prefer the crowd, this is what you should do instead. The whole of Japan celebrates this phenomenon with public festivals. Girls and boys all dress up in their kimonos to catch this phenomenon and you can feel the romance in the air.

You can also experience Hanami first hand by preparing your own picnic basket.

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