Hurry up and get Married! Prices of Wedding Tables are Rising

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Holding a wedding banquet is a big event for the Chinese families. For the groom’s family, it symbolizes the welcoming of a new member into the family and seeing your son attempt to start his own family. For the bride’s family, it symbolizes the departure of your daughter despite how many times she promises that she will visit you. Even when your son-in-law promise that you will only be gaining a son and not be losing a daughter, you will still have this weight in your heart.

Random Marriage

Source: Asia Times

Overall, marriage should be a happy event for most. The only time one will be sad is when he receives the bill for the wedding banquet. (The first obstacle that tests the love of the couple)

Furthermore, Straits Times just revealed that prices for wedding banquet are constantly on the rise

Prices at top hotels near $2,000 per table before taxes, extras; rates rising 5-10% yearly

Prices of wedding banquet at top hotels

Source: Straits Times

The rise in cost is probably due to inflation, rising prices of food and a tightening labour market. In 10 years, the cost of a table at Fullerton Hotel has jumped from $1,200 to $1,588.

Think you can use the red packets money to cover the cost? Brokers Janice Sim and Luke Cheng who had their wedding lunch at Capella in Dec 2017 paid $100,000 for it. Red packets only covered 70% of that.

Check out how much each person has to put in the red packet to cover their own meal.

Fee per guest

Source: Straits Times

This just shows you that you should hold your wedding banquet right now if you want to save money. Or best, simply don’t hold one.

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