“I’m going to run for Nominated Member of Parliament”-Xiaxue, Internet personality

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Local blogger Xiaxue has, on April 1st, made quite the audacious announcement on Facebook: she intends to become a Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP). And no, this is no April Fool’s joke. She is deadly serious. An (NMP) is a member of parliament appointed by the President who represents no constituency and whose aim is to “bring more independent voices into parliament”. And as far as Xiaxue is concerned, she is up for the task.

Citing how she has allegedly “Rendered distinguished public service, brought honour to Singapore”, and how she “is a community leader” as she is “leading the Internet media”, she seems overwhelmingly confident in her chances, going so far as to state that she is “perfect” for the role. Interesting.

Reactions ranged from heartily approving…

…to downright scathing.

Whatever the reaction-positive or otherwise- Xiaxue’s wilfulness pretty much guarantees her attempt at becoming an NMP. If, of course, it’s not a ruse for more views.

Would Xiaxue make a good NMP? What do you think?

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