“I’m the one who pays you money!” Condo resident RAGES at female security officer!

At times, we find respite in channeling our rage onto someone else, and most of the time, the issue may not be addressed.


One condominium resident, in this case, went into a rage as he continuously shouted at a female security officer for the residence after allegedly receiving warning letters for his parking of car.

Despite maintaining her composure and attempting to reason with the man, he insisted on raising his voice while debating with the female security officer.


As she tried to end the seemingly meaningless argument by asking for his contact details, the man angrily refused and demanded that she find out.


Already on her back foot and as the last straw, she stood up for herself (literally) and told him to approach the condominium’s management to settle his issue before walking away.


Money does not entitle one to throw his/her weight about. Let’s all learn to be more appreciative of the world we live in!



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