IMPRISONMENT for businesswoman who ASSAULTED maid


In what seems to be a fit of rage, Singaporean businesswoman Liang Dongmei unleashed a torrent of verbal abuse at her maid, Ms. Shinta Ariahny Saputri, 24, before yanking her hair. Liang Dongmei pled guilty and was then jailed for 6 weeks.

According to Deputy Public Prosecutor Grace Chua, Liang, a former Chinese national, was living with her former husband at Bedok North, and the maid had been working there since July 2016.

The incident occurred in January last year after Liang, a mother of three, asked what Ms. Shinta had prepared for breakfast for her youngest daughter.

DPP Chua said:” The accused felt that the victim’s tone of voice and attitude towards her were rude and started scolding her in Mandarin. The victim could not understand what the accused was saying and did not look at the accused.”

After the attack, the maid tried to leave the flat but was restrained by Liang, who accidentally scratched her face in doing so.

Eventually, the maid escaped and alerted the police.

For assault, Liang could have been jailed for up to 18 months and fined up to $1,500, but it seems she got off lightly this time.

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