Inside North Korea: Pictures from the Hermit Nation

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North Korea has been in the spotlight a lot recently. From its escalating nuclear threat to Kim’s recently promised meeting with Donald Trump, the hermit nation is sure to create controversy.

However not much is known of what’s inside the country, which has ridiculously strict surveillance on visitors.

One brave photographer shows the outside world pictures of the impoverished state that are never before seen.

By using a hidden camera and much luck, he is able to take these photographs.

Journey into North Korea

Visitors can enter North Korea either by train from the Chinese city of Dan dong, or by plane from Beijing.

The stark contrast of the 2 sides of the Yalu river, separating DPRK (left) and China (right).


Watch towers on the North Korean border. Pictures like these found in cameras could result in it being confiscated.

Train station in China departing for North Korea

Train Station in North Korea. It has always been speculated that the well dressed commuters are actors. There was only 1 train arriving that day, yet the station was buzzing with activity.


Only a small minority of rich and privileged North Koreans can live in the ‘showcase capital’

Man-du-de Grand Monument: Taking pictures of only part of the statue is considered an offence.

Schoolgirls in pyongyang: Daughters of high-ranking party officials

The huge multi-lane highways in North Korea are barely used, and are mostly for show

Much of the city’s infrastructures are old and decaying

Rural North Korea

In stark contrast with Pyongyang, most of North Korea is still rural farmland: Photos of undeveloped wastelands are also illegal.

Most North Koreans continue to live in abject poverty

Taking pictures of soldiers resting is forbidden

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