Is this the NEW method to PUNISH rebellious children?


A viral video has been circulating on Chinese Social Media showing an incident occurred in Yueyang, Hunan province (28 June) where a 13-year-old boy was tied to a ladder and dunked repeatedly in a pond by his father.

The boy comes up sputtering for air and spitting water, “I’ll change! I’ll change!” between gasps. “Then change,” his father replies before dunking his son’s head back under the water.


Source: Pear video


According to online reports, the incident occurred last Thursday in Yueyang, Hunan province.

Reportedly, the father had grown tired of his son’s misbehaving and wanted to teach him a lesson that he would not forget.

The boy has been misbehaving on several accounts; killing the villagers’ livestock, throwing stones at people, stealing money/cigarettes as well as be beating his own mother.

When his father confronted him for deliberately turning off the communal hall lights, he took up a wooden staff to strike his father.

The action pushed the father over the edge and punished him with the method seen above.



Comments on Weibo are mainly on the father’s side, citing strong discipline as necessary to raise a child.

An investigation is ongoing, however, police personnel have commented that it is a family matter and is simply a helpless father trying to discipline his son.


Some agree and support, Some disagree and curse the father. What do you think? Comment down below!

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