Is Time-Banking Allowed?

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Information Credit: The Straits Time


It’s no new news that many industry have been badly impacted by COVID-19.


With the recent announcement that Singapore’s unemployment rate reaching a new high, many are thankful that they are still able to keep their jobs.

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Some were luckier than others, being able to not only keep their jobs but also not suffer a pay cut.


However, are things really as good as it sounds?

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I’m afraid not for some…

For instance, according to The Straits Time, a manicurist despite keeping her job and not suffering a pay cut was told that she had to work an extra 50 hours of overtime when business resume and have her annual leave entitlement be reduced to 7 days (From 14 days previously).

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You must be wondering, ‘Huh, can meh?’. Well that was what passed through this manicurist mind when she was informed of this as well.


Knowing that her company had received support from the Singapore government, she felt that this situation was unfair for her and at the same time was confused as to how the number of overtime hours was determined.

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Indeed, this situation is unfair and according to a Ministry of Manpower spokesman, the manicurist employer was being ‘unreasonable’.


In actual fact, her employer had used the concept of time-banking, which allows employees to be paid now for work to be done later.

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According to the Ministry Of Manpower website, ‘time banking’ and allowing the employee to consume his existing leave entitlements are one of the recommended measures to top up the company’s shortfall.


However, MOM has mentioned that this must be implemented fairly.

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To ensure that employees are treated fairly, MOM now requires employers to submit measures they intend to undertake.


Currently, MOM said it has found most of them to be fair and responsible.

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While MOM is taking appropriate measures to ensure fairness, should you be unsure if you have been unfairly treated by your employers, you may learn more about MOM’s updated advisory on salary and leave arrangements here.


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