Japan World Dream Review: BEST 8D7N CRUISE HOLIDAY!

Experience the BEST of Okinawa, Japan, and spoil yourself with the luxurious facilities and exciting activities onboard World Dream Cruise today!

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Are you looking for a luxurious getaway out at sea? Dying to visit Japan and experience something other than the typical shopping in the city area? What if I told you that you can do both with just one cruise package?

Come on aboard this exciting cruise and have the most sensational time of your life! Spend 5 days onboard World Dream (Meals and accomodation included), and 2 free nights in Hong Kong (accomodation included). Explore the best of Okinawa during the 2 shore excursions – Naha and Miyakojima.

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World Dream is a bold and impressive ship jam-packed with activities (indoors and outdoors), dining options, bars and lounges. Besides couples and solo travellers, families also adore World Dream, which boasts large variety of activities catered to different age groups. Cabins can hold up to 4pax which is suitable for families.

Departure Date: 1 June 2019, Saturday
Return Date: 8 June 2019, Saturday


Immerse yourself in Okinawan culture with every step you take on this magical island. You will circle around the island’s ancient royal palace as well as other valuable heritage sites.

Cr: Wikimedia Commons

Treat your tastebuds to some savoury agu pork shabu-shabu and Ishigaki and Motubu beef.

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Below is the list of excursions you can choose from!

  • Manzamo Scenery Tour (WDNAH10WM)
  • Okinawa Taste: From Tuna to Sushi (WDNAH06WM)
  • Bespoke Journey – Naha (WDNAH80)
  • Highlights of Naha (WDNAH01WM)
  • Shopping and Okinawa BBQ Dinner (WDNAH02WM)
  • Ishigaki & Motobu Beef Gourmet Tour (WDNAH04WM)
  • Shopping and Okinawa Agu Pork Premium Food Tour (WDNAH05WM)
  • Umikaji Terrace & Shopping (WDNAH07NM)
  • American Village in Okinawa (WDNAH08NM)
  • Okinawa Cultural Immersion Tour (WDNAH09NM)
  • Naha One way Transfer (WDNAH99OW)

Two of the more highly raved about excursions are the Manzamo Scenery Tour and Okinawa Taste: From Tuna to Sushi

Okinawa Taste: From Tuna to Sushi 

Shurijo Castle

Get ready to be in awe when you get to see the Shurijo castle up close! The inner ward was completed in as early as the 15th century, during the RyuKyu kingdom. It was designated as a UNESCO Heritage site in December 2000.

Cr: Wikimedia Commons

(Note: You will only be visiting the external facade of the castle and this tour excludes admission into the castle.)

Tuna-slicing Show and Japanese-style Set Meal

Cr: Jonathan Forage

Have you ever thought of experiencing an authentic Japanese meal? Izakaya is the perfect place for you! It is a Japanese tavern where locals enjoy drinking with friends. The set meals include Chicken Nanban, Maguro Tempura, Fresh Tuna and Miso Soup.

Cr: maksampaio0


Stroll the streets of Kokusaidori where you can shop till you drop!

Cr: Wikimedia Commons

Here, you can find countless souvenir shops, local restaurants and trendy fashion boutiques. You will never run out of things to buy!

Manzamo Scenery Tour

Cape Manzamo

Need Instagram-worthy photos? Regarded as one of Okinawa’s designated scenic spots, Cape Manzamo offers a breathtaking view of the ocean, together with its coral reefs and undisturbed nature. You may have seen it on social media a couple of times before, the cliff that is famous for looking like an elephant’s trunk.

Cr: Wikimedia Commons


Set foot in one of the most pristine beaches you have ever seen at Miyakojima!

The coastline actually differs across the island, but one thing they have in common is that all of them are absolutely stunning – from white sandy beaches to translucent waters to colourful coral reefs to abundant nature. It truly is no wonder that this island is a popular destination for many tourists.

Come on now and explore this gem with us!

Below is the list of excursions that you can choose from!

  • Northern Miyakojima Island Tour (WDHRR01WM)
  • Eastern Miyakojima Island Tour (WDHRR03WM)
  • Southern Miyakojima Island Tour (WDHRR02WM)
  • Irabu Island Tour (WDHRR04WM)
  • Snorkelling in Miyakojima (WDHRR05NM)
  • Miyakojima Shisa Painting Tour (WDHRR12NM)
  • Miyakojima Transfer Service (WDHRR99NM)

The more popular ones will be the Northern Miyakokima Island Tour and the Eastern Miyakojima Island Tour.

Northern Miyakokima Island Tour

Ikema Bridge and Island

Cr: visitokinawa.jp

Be impressed by the remarkable sights of this beauty – the emerald green ocean water that surrounds the island of Ikema. Connecting the islands of Miyako and Ikema, a 1,425-metre long bridge costs JPY9.9 billion to construct.

Cr: visitokinawa.jp

There is a little factory museum, Yukishio Saltworks which sells sweet treats made of snow salt, one of which is the popular “Snow Salt Soft Ice-cream” ( Must Try! ). It was awarded a place in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2000 for containing the widest variety of minerals. Can you believe that?

Cr: travel.navitime.com

Miyakojima Marine Park 

Descend a flight of stairs and arrive at a tunnel-shaped Underwater Observation Facility, where you can feast your eyes on the colourful schools tropical fish.

Cr: tripadvisor.com.sg

It truly is such an unusual opportunity as you are not actually viewing fishes in a tank! You descend 75 steps into a room that is built in the side of a cliff. The room is actually below sea level and you are truly at the sea bottom. There are many plexiglass windows to view the local fish in their natural state, as we are truly in their environment!

Eastern Miyakojima Island Tour

Maehama Beach

Ranked as one of Japan’s best beaches, Maehama Beach is a treat to your eyes!

Cr: Visit Okinawa Japan

Its stunning white and soft sand and emerald green waters makes it the perfect tropical paradise. Stretching a distance of seven kilometres, the coast is suitable for swimming and water sports because the low tide doesn’t withdraw all the water.

There are reclining beach chairs for you to chill on if you are not a fan of water-based activities.

Higashi Henna Cape

One of Japan’s top 100 scenic spots, this 20-kilometres long coastline is one of the best destinations for photographs! Surrounded by deep blue oceans which sparkle in contrast with the lush greenery of the cape and limestone, the cape of Higashi Henna Zaki is a long, narrow profusion extending from Miyakojima.

Cr: nanseirakuen.com

At the tip of the cape is a snow-white picturesque lighthouse, where you can get a 360-degree panorama view of the coral-dotted ocean.

Cr: ja.wikipedia.org

We could even smell the salt-tang of the sea breeze and listen to the waves crash dramatically against the steep, jagged cliffs. It truly Is a feast for the senses!

Shigira Lift Ocean Sky

Cr: tripadvisor.com.sg

In need of a little thrill? Hop on this one-way 283-metre cable car ride as you enjoy spectacular views of the exuberant nature and beautiful balmy waves.

Note: Children below the age of 3 are not allowed to board the cable car. Children must also be accompanied by an adult. In the event of poor weather and/or ongoing maintenance, the Shigira Lift Ocean Sky trip will be replaced with a trip to the Ueno German Culture Village, a theme park which inter-mixes German culture with the beauty of Miyako Island.

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Room Types

Balcony Stateroom

The ocean is the main highlight of the cruise, isn’t it? You won’t be disappointed by the endless ocean view you are entitled to as you unwind and relax after returning from your busy adventures!

Interior Stateroom

Get mild sea-sickness? Don’t worry! Interior stateroom provides you are calm serenity with its space designed for comfort and convenience.


Down for an exhilarating experience?

This is the perfect cruise for you as it is jam-packed with a wide range of facilities that will keep your heart pumping for days!

Waterslide Park

Speed down the slippery slides that tower high above the ocean and scream to your heart’s content– there’s no other thrill like it!

Choose from six different and unique slides – ranging from easy-going chutes for families to heart-racing steep inclines for daredevils. No one gets left out!

Rock Climbing Wall

No experience required! Challenge your family and friends to see. who can scale the rock wall in the shortest time possible, and be sure to burn your carbs in so doing!

Note: You are advised to bring along your own sport shoes for this activity.

There are plenty of other activities as well! You will never run out of things to do.




Zouk Beach Club

Esports Arena

ESC Experience Lab

Need some time to unwind and relax?

Here are some SPAs that are bound to leave you rejuvenated and recharged after a tiring day of walking or crazy fun. Don’t miss out on these gems!

Crystal Life Spa

Crystal Life Asian Spa

Stay Fit!

Come make use of these gym facilities while onboard the cruise! Well-loved by many gym junkies as well as those looking to burn of the amazing carbs they gained on this trip (dining options are amazing after all), the 24-hour fitness centre provides a stunning ocean-view for you to admire as you work them muscles!

Crystal Life Fitness


Vegetarian? Halal? Like seafood? Like a certain type of cuisine? Anything you can think of, you have it!


Silk Road Chinese Restaurant

Dream Dining Room


Southeast Asian

Blue Lagoon

Japanese / Korean

Teppanyaki and Korean BBQ

Sushi Bar


Palace Restaurant

Vintage Room

Seafood Grill

The Lido

Crystal Life Cuisine
Lobby Cafe

Are you spoilt for choices yet? I sure am!

Palm Court provides the most flavourful divine desserts and snacks!


Should you have special dietary requests such as vegetarian or gluten-free, please request at time of booking your cruise or contact Restaurant Reservation Department when you are on board. Extra charges may apply, depending on your requirements.

  • Vegetarian Food – All restaurants onboard provide vegetarian options upon request.
  • Halal Food – Halal food is available onboard Genting Dream at a section of The Lido.
  • Indian Food (Vegetarian / Jain) – A special buffet section can be set-up for the group at The Lido for lunch and dinner service.

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Important things to take note of

  • What to Wear? When dining in a formal restaurant or when you are joining a welcome cocktail party, formal attire is required. Except for the above-mentioned occasions, casual wear is allowed!
  • How to Pay? When you are checking in, you can link your credit card to your room card. For every purchase you make onboard, you only need to show your room card. Payment will be automatically deducted from your credit card so there is no need to bring cash onboard.
  • Do not bring your own liquor up on the cruise!
  • This cruise will pick up passengers in Guangzhou after sailing out from Hong Kong, and drop off passengers in Guangzhou before sailing back to Hong Kong. Please note that passengers cruising from Hong Kong are not allowed to disembark in Guangzhou, and likewise, passengers cruising to Hong Kong are not allowed to disembark in Guangzhou.
  • Guests should monitor their physical conditions before the excursions because some shore excursions require long-distance walking. 
  • Tour operators have the right to change the itineraries (places of visit, transportation modes, accommodation and meal arrangements etc.) due to operational needs, weather conditions and/or safety, comfort or enjoyment of the guests.
  • Tour operators reserve the right to bar passengers from shore excursions for the following reasons: late guests; safety reasons; immigration and customs clearance; and conditions beyond the control of the tour operator.
  • For guests in wheelchairs, crew members will be there to assist in the shore excursions, but they cannot support, carry or lift guests on board the tender for safety reasons.

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What are you waiting for? World Dream is the perfect holiday for you!

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