Japanese Anime makes Incredibly Accurate Portrayal of Singapore

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Japanese Anime has outdone itself once again, this time with an incredibly accurate portrayal of Singapore.

In an episode that aired on Monday (Feb 6), Japanese slice of life anime “A Place Further Than The Universe”, or 宇宙よりも遠い場所 (Sora yori mo tooi basho) followed an adorable story of the main cast visiting Singapore.

MBS anime Singapore

Depiction of MBS in the anime!

But what completely blew us off our feet was the level of detail and accuracy in its portrayal.

Below is a point by point comparison of the anime with our very own local landmarks and tourist attractions, compiled by Singaporean redditor /u/funtimesayshi with contributors skynohoshi, bangmisty and Felix Isaac Palomares.

Even the airplane food is accurate!

Accuracy of both Changi Airport’s interior and exterior design all on point

It even has the MBS light show!

Best Merlion in Anime, ever

They’re really not missing out any landmarks in Singapore, huh

This scene did justice to Singapore’s night scenery

Seriously, the level of detail is astounding

Wheelock Place

It’s almost as if STB sponsored this episode by this point

A comment on the episode: “I’ve been in orchard hotel, from the corridor, room, to the carpet are accurate. Even the shape and location of the safe locker is exactly the same as the real one.”

Eating the king of fruits! And having a typical tourist response too

The durian bridge

The Singapore flyer was moving in this episode. And the animation quality of esplanade was just mesmerizing

Even visiting a hawker centre! They ate chicken rice here. (By actually ordering chicken rice, and not going to a Kway Teow stall, ordering chicken rice and getting fried rice in the end.)

This was the only shortcoming of the episode. The portrayal of MRTs wasn’t accurate – the trains actually worked.

Props to the Japanese animators who did their due research and produced an exceptional episode featuring places in Singapore that make us feel proud to be Singaporeans.

This episode was produced by the animating studio MadHouse, which also produced many other critically acclaimed anime such as OnePunch Man and Death Note.

The original Google doc compiled by /u/funtimesayshi can be found here.

Let us just end off with our favourite screencap of the episode:

Yes, this was an actual scene in the episode.

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