Japanese firm promise their Ultra-Thin 0.01mm Condom able to Withstand 100,000 Thrusts

The Japanese condom maker, Sagami Rubber Industries, wants to provide at least 110,000 free condoms for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Showcasing their 0.01mm thinness product that can thrust at least 100,000 times before friction wears it down.

At this year’s Pyeongchang Games, organisers handed out a record 110,000 free condoms, and the Tokyo 2020 organising committee told AFP they had no plans to break with the tradition. Photo – AFP/Behrouz Mehri

So how long will you need to perform 100,000 thrusts?

We did some quick math and came up with roughly 28 hours, if you were to maintain consistent 1-second thrusts.

The current Guinness World Record holder for the longest sex ever was held by movie star Mae West and her lover known as Ted. The intercourse lastest a whopping 15 hours, 7 minutes, and 23 seconds.

If you can outlast the condom, you will definitely be in the world record, no questions asked.

Quality checks were performed randomly on picked condoms to ensure reliability.

The bid for thinner protections allowed the Japan’s leading condom maker to stand a chance in the market filled with Durex and Trojan, by Britain and US respectively.

In addition to its barely-there construction, the condoms are made with polyurethane, usable by people who are allergic to the normal latex condoms.

“It’s only Japanese companies that now manufacture condoms as thin as 0.01mm to 0.02mm,” said Hiroshi Yamashita, senior manager at Sagami Rubber Industries.

After releasing the ultra-thin 0.01mm editions, the firm’s sales figure rose to the 3rd largest condom seller in the world, beating the Australian company Ansell.

The last recorded production figure for the company was 417 million condoms in 2016.

The 0.01mm condom was developed in part by Chiaki Yamanaka, assistant manager at Sagami who was nicknamed “Mr Condom”.

Before the 0.01mm edition went into production, the Okamoto firm was debating on whether it is really necessary, as they already have a 0.02mm product in the market.

It was ultimately proved popular the moment it hit the market, he said: “But they have proved to be popular with customers,” he added, pinching at a virtually invisible condom covering a glass cylinder at the facility.

Pyongchang Athletes’ Village.

The company wishes to provide at least 110,000 condoms to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, just like that happened in Pyongchang this year.

“When Tokyo was selected to host the 2020 Olympics, condom distribution at the athlete village immediately came to our minds,” Yamashita said.

“The company worked hard to get the 0.01mm products to market well before the Tokyo Olympics.”

In order to meet demand, the Japanese firm had planned to open a new factory in Malaysia to ramp up production.