Jaywalker SENT FLYING by motorcyclist in Yishun

Jaywalking has subconsciously been integrated into our lives, but, touch wood, it only takes one instance of inattentiveness for us to meet a mishap. For one 28-year-old woman, the instant she failed to notice an oncoming vehicle while jaywalking, she was hit by it and hurled into the air.

In a video that surfaced online this week, it depicts the accident that occurred at 6.14 pm on April 25 last month along Yishun Avenue 2 towards Yishun Ring Road.


Given the slow-moving traffic, the woman made her way across the road, between vehicles.


As she emerged from the front of a minivan and, suddenly, into the oncoming motorist’s field of vision, she was hit and sent flying.


From the video, two other people could be seen jaywalking, however, instead of helping the victim, they continued crossing.


Police investigations are ongoing.


Not sure what’s more shocking in this video- the sight of the accident or the obliviousness of on-lookers who instead of rushing to the woman’s aid, continued with their journey.



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