KidZania Singapore Closing Down After 4 Years

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As if there weren’t enough bad news nowadays, with Singapore’s unemployment rate reaching a new high and entering recession, we were hit with another bad news.


KidZania Singapore is closing.

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The closure was announced through a Facebook post. 


On the post, they announced that they will be closing down on 16 June, while thanking their past visitors for 4 years of love and support.


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The KidZania theme park allows children to experience different careers such as pizza-making, bankers, and dentists through role-playing in an interactive mini-city.


While the main reason why KidZania was not made known, some speculated in the comment section that it could have been due to COIVD-19 causing a fall in revenue.

Birthday Parties | KidZania Singapore – A City Built for Kids!
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Some also took the chance to reminisce the fun times they and their kids had at KidZania Singapore.


Sharing that it was a place where they were able to forge fond memories with their kids.

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However, there were a handful who raised up valid questions as well, such as if they were able to get a refund for their “Kidzo” ( a currency used in KidZania) or how those who purchased annual passes will be duly compensated.


Luckily there were some who were nice enough to understand that the lost in those ‘currency’ were nothing compared to those who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19.

Though we may be unsure of how these problems may be resolved, we would just like to take this chance to thank KidZania for the fun times we had there! ❤


Additionally, now that we are one day closer to Phase 2, please remember to always keep yourself safe, by wearing masks and practicing good hygiene. We are selling masks (different sizes and types) and thermometers, so if you need them just drop us a message at +65 9457 2440 or call +65 6358 4231 😉

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