Kim Jong Un gets a taste of LIVE South Korean K-Pop in Pyongyang!

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In a warming case of diplomatic goodwill, the polarising leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un attended the first K-Pop concert in over 10 years in Pyongyang on Sunday, notably graced by esteemed performers such as Red Velvet-a K-pop girl band.



This gesture of cultural diplomacy by the South is the product of rapport after Kim sent his sister, athletes, and cheerleaders as an envoy in a gesture of goodwill at the South’s Winter Olympics. Interestingly, Kim is the first of North Korean leaders to attend a concert by South Korean performers.

On the Sunday show, Kim reacted most positively to the South Korean entertainers, with him deigning to meet the stars backstage, shaking their hands and taking photos. Expressing that inter-Korean cultural events should be held more often and suggesting another event in the South Korean capital this autumn, Kim has even been seen clapping his hands during the two-hour event, , possibly heralding an age of peace between the estranged Koreas

North Korea seems increasingly receptive to the advances of other countries, with summit talks planned with President Trump in May. Is North Korea finally ready to open up to the world?

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