Annoying People You Meet When You Take The MRT

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After sharing the problems every Singaporean Office Lady has, let’s find out the different kinds of commuters you meet when you take the MRT in Singapore.

Problems EVERY Singaporean Office Lady Has

  • Drama King/Queen– A fan of Korean/Japanese/Chinese Drama, I am sure you have met some people catching up on their drama when you are on the train. Are you catching on your drama too?

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Korea- The Ghost Detective, 100 Days My Prince

Japan- Signal

What You Can Learn From The Story Of YanXi Palace


  • Kiasu Singaporeans- Kiasu is a Hokkien (Chinese dialect) word that comes from ‘kia’, which means afraid, and ‘su’, which means to lose: fear of losing out. In 2007, the word was included in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Are you a Kiasu Singaporean? Kiasuism is commonly associated with

  • Fear of losing out (96%);
  • Selfishness (87%);
  • Calculative (73%)
  • Greed (65%)
  • Kiasi-ism [fearing to die] (55%).

Do you feel annoyed at times, when you see commuters joining the crowded train at the last minute or those who can BARELY squeeze themselves onto the train when they see a small gap between you and the door?

Typical People - Gap and Space

  • Heavy Sleepers- There are always people who can sleep anytime, anywhere.  Sometimes, they may just wake up with their head on your shoulder if you happen to sit beside them.

  • PDA CouplesNot as common nowadays (or maybe I just happen not to see them), there are commuters on the MRT who don’t mind acting intimately in public.


  • The Cannot-Balance Ones- Seen any commuters who cannot balance themselves on buses and on trains? You can easily identify these people when you spot them grabbing the handrails and poles when they get on board.

  • The Loud Hailer- You have NO interest in their conversation with the other person on the line, but you just know what he/she is talking about because he/she is simply too loud! 

There is it! The list could go even longer but these are the more common ones you find on the train. Share it with us if you know of any more types of Singaporeans you can find in the MRT.

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