Do you know the Do’s and Don’ts in Thailand?

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Do you know the DOs and DON’Ts in Thailand? Here’s a list of things that you should know before flying off to Thailand.

DOs List:

  • Dress properly when you are visiting temples, wats, monasteries, palaces – shoulders and knees covered for both sexes.

  • Take out your shoes. Feet are considered dirty in Thailand. In most places, shoes are left outside and the feet stay on the floor.

  • Respect for the monarchy. Buddha images are held sacred and sacrilegious acts are punishable by imprisonment even if committed by foreign visitors. Apart from respecting the monarchy, respecting Buddhism and the Thai Royal Family is equally important as the majority of Thai people are Buddhists.
  • Learn to say Hello & Thank You in Thai.

  • Eat street food

Best things to do when you are in Bangkok

DON’Ts List:

  • Touch anyone on the head or show the sole of your feet to anyone. Apologize if you accidentally touch somebody’s head.
  • Drink the water from taps. Stick to bottled water

  • Eat with your fork

  • Ride elephants or visit tiger temples. In case you do not know, methods used to tame the animals are somewhat cruel and inhumane. Also, these businesses allegedly trade and sell their body parts in the black market and hurt and/or kill these animals to get tusks, teeth, furs other parts. So it is inadvisable to ride elephants in Thailand

  • Take a taxi driver’s word if they say an attraction or site is closed for the day. This is because they may use this tactic to try to suggest other destinations which earn them a commission. 

So now are you more clear on what you CAN and NOT do when you are in Thailand?

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