Not happy with your ‘O’ Level Results? Don’t do this!

With the recent release of the O Level Results, there have been mixed reactions among the students receiving their results. Some are happy that their hardwork paid off, some, however, regret not having worked harder. No matter the results, it is clear to the students to continue moving on and go where the results can get them to.

Source: Channel NewsAsia

However, there also exists some students who are extremely unhappy with their results and will do whatever possible to amend it, even though its illegal. Jaya Anil Kumar, a NUS student, did not get the grades she wanted for applying to a public legal service. Hence, she decided the best way was to forge her grades for 21 modules in her degree transcript so as to cover up her bad results.

Source: TodayOnline

Unfortunately, she still failed to be accepted and further doctered 18 of her modules. All these using the Paint software on windows.

Later, an employee of the Legal Service Commission Secretariat noticed disparities in her 2 separate applications and found something amissed. On 18th Jan, Jaya was given a sentence of SGD$10,000 fine. Inability to pay the fines will result in her facing 6 weeks’ jail.

How to Get Good Results

Please do not forge your results or lie about your achievements. Work hard so that you will not regret when you receive your results.

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