Lift CRASHES three floors in HDB flat in Sengkang

Just as we thought things couldn’t get worse after numerous reports of HDB floor tiles ‘popping’ this week, a lift in Sengkang plunged three floors on Tuesday (16 Jan), injuring a 63-year old taxi driver in it.

According to reports, the taxi driver, Mr Philip Tan, was on his way down from his apartment on the 7th floor of his HDB flat at Blk 122 Sengkang East Way when the lift suddenly hurtled down three stories before jamming abruptly between the fourth and fifth floors.

63-year old Mr Tan injured both his right calf and suffered a swollen right ankle as a result. He has indicated he had to cut back his driving hours as a taxi driver because of the pain, and plans to visit a Johor Bahru clinic for cheaper traditional Chinese medicine.

The affected lift will be under maintenance till 20 Jan. ST Photo: Lee Jia Wen

There were some warning signs prior to the lift crash. The previous day, Mr Tan had already injured his hip when the exact same lift reached the ground floor jamming to a stop, misaligned with the ground leading.

We advice Singaporeans staying in HDB flats to be alert to such signals, and report lift faults to town council early on. Also, it might be necessary to persistently press them to take action if you deem the case serious.

This is not an isolated case. In recent years, there have been multiple cases of lift faults in HDB flats injuring people, including a 10-year old girl injured when a lift ceiling collapsed in a Sengkang flat last year.

Well, at least in light of the recent Jakarta building collapse, at least our building faults here are not as horrendous.

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