Lift plummets 4 storeys in Jurong West

Image Credits: Facebook/Raudhah Putri


There was a lift accident that occurred at Block 542, Jurong West Avenue 1 on Saturday (Jul 1).

This was the most severe case since last year when a Boon Lay resident hurt her leg in a similar incident.

Ms Putri uploaded pictures and a description on her Facebook page describing the incident on 2 July.

Mr  Zulkiffle Saad, Ms Putri’s father,  was visiting his nephew’s home on Saturday night when he and 3 other family members (his brother-in-law, sister and 10-year-old niece) were caught in a lift malfunction.

Upon exiting the lift, he was pulled back by his brother in law after hearing a “loud snapping sound”.

The lift door closed and plummeted 4 storeys, ending up below the ground floor.

Upon impact, his sister sustained the worst injuries due to a torn ligament.

Fortunately, the rest escaped with minor injuries.

Mr Saad was able to pry open the door with his bare hands from the inside and evacuate everyone before the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) arrived.

According to Ms Putri, the lift wanted to ascend after the crash, forcing Mr Saad to take action quickly to prevent further mishap.

She added: “So, before this, there was an accident happened but it was a group of boys and no one was injured. This matter was brought up to the Town Council and the MP while they made their rounds in the neighbourhood. The MP was informed about this matter upfront by the residents and even after a year, no action taken.”


Here is her post in full:


As usual, the public bayed for blood.

Some couldn’t help but sneak in snide remarks about the Lee family dispute…



We hope the matter will be properly investigated by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and prevent further incidents from happening again.

Update: On 2 July, a BCA spokesman said the Jurong-Clementi Town Council is required to appoint an independent Professional Engineer to investigate into the cause of the incident and submit a report with the recommended rectification works to BCA.

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