LiHO Taste Test from 3 Locations!!

What’s Good and What’s Not at LiHo

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I’m sure everyone by now has either heard of the news or personally tried the new milk tea products from LiHo.

We recently went down to test them out ourselves to see if they could measure up to its hype.

As Cheese Tea has been a popular purchase with many customers, we purposely bought other products so that you can get a review of what else to buy!


LiHO Tiong Bahru Plaza


Earl Grey Milk Tea with 3M (Pearl/Custard Pudding/Grass Jelly)

Pricing: M ($4.20)/ L ($5.20)

Gong Cha had previously sold Earl Grey Milk Teas as well and the taste is remarkably similar.

It retains many of the flavours and the combination of the pearls and jellies made it an enjoyable experience.

You could taste the Earl Grey tea as strongly as before. Overall, there’s hardly any change. A classic.



Lychee Jing Syuan Tea

Pricing: M ($3.30)/ L ($4.30)

It was quite disappointing considering how it was touted as a top pick.

The tea taste wasn’t distinct enough and it was like drinking lychee syrup. The price isn’t justified for this particular drink.




Classic Guan Yin Milk Tea

Pricing: M ($2.90)/ L ($3.90)

Since people usually bought the Cheese Guan Yin, we tried the “a la carte” version to see how it stands alone.

There was a hint of bitterness, but nothing too overwhelming. This unique taste is complemented by the milk component, which made the drinking experience smooth and enjoyable.

It bears semblance to the Alisan Tea of old, albeit with a small price hike.


LiHO Yishun Northpoint


Busy Bee Green Tea with Nata de Coco

Pricing: M ($3.30)/ L ($4.30)

Classic Winter Melon Milk Tea with Grass Jelly

Pricing: M ($3.60)/ L ($4.60)


Busy Bee Honey Green Tea is heavier on the honey than the tea but it was okay even though it is slightly on the sweeter side.

The Winter Melon Milk Tea was less strong as compared to Gong Cha’s winter melon milk tea.

Whereas Gong Cha has a strong tea flavour, LiHo emphasis was on the milk ingredient.

Both drinks are equally recommended.


Final thoughts:

What is cool about Liho is their variety of toppings akin to what you would find in your everyday hawker dessert stall; Nata De Coco, Oreo Crunch and Aloe Cube. Toppings that are familiar to both young and old.

However, the downside would be the small price increase across the board.

Since Gong Cha has sworn to return, only time will tell if LiHo can truly stand up to its predecessor.

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