Loan sharks target debtor’s family, send PHOTOS of 7-YEAR-OLD NIECE

When someone engages in loan sharking activities, the ones that suffer are usually not only just the borrower, but also their families. This holds true in a recent incident, where a compulsive gambler’s family has been harassed by loan sharks.

A 42-year-old woman relied on loan shark borrowings to finance her gambling habits and has implicated her family she was residing with. She was in a debt of about $200,000.


Initially, the loan sharks showed up at the apartment looking for the debtor during this Chinese New Year. They continued to do so until the 42-year-old and her son were asked to move out due to the constant harassment her sister’s family received form the loan sharks.


The 42-year-old single mother and her son has called her sister, Mdm Zhang’s place, which also houses her family of 6, home for the past 10 years. The family has also paid $80,000 on her behalf.


However, the harassment did not stop there.


The loan sharks changed their tactics and target, and went to the extend of stalking Mdm Zhang’s daily life and even targeting her 7-year-old granddaughter by taking photos of her attending school.


The family decided that it was the last straw and alerted the police, in addition to not being able to contact the 42-year-old for the past 2 weeks.


The case is currently under investigation.



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