A look back at January’s Bizarre Weather

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The first month of the year has come to a close, but not without giving Singapore some of its most bizarre weather phenomena in years.

What a crazy January in Singapore…

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Let’s take a quick look back at what happened:

8 Jan – Flash Floods

It all started on 8 Jan, when a continued onset of continual torrential downpours resulted in flash floods at nine different locations islandwide.

Singaporeans standing at bus stop

Singaporeans demonstrating great balancing skills

News reports of countless vehicle breakdowns and public transport disruptions islandwide proliferated, and was no doubt a period of huge inconvenience for many of us.

8-16  Jan – Continued heavy rains, record low temperatures

Singapore had its longest cold spell in recorded history this year. Cold temperatures lasted for over a week, where temperatures dropped to as low as 21.9 degrees C on 11 Jan.

jacket on mrt

Only chance in the year to wear a winter jacket in Singapore

24, 30 Jan – Flash Floods, again

Singaporean pushing car

Pushing a stuck car

After a week or so of ‘normal’ Singapore weather, aka. damn hot and humid weather with occasional rain, flash floods hit Singapore again on 24 Jan, and 30 Jan.

It wasn’t on the same scale as the initial onset on 8 Jan, but it was enough to cause severe disruptions to public transport, and trees falling on cars.

 30 Jan – Hail

30 Jan was an exceptional day even in a month of extreme weather conditions.

Apart from flash floods at Yishun and Seletar, parts of Singapore also experienced hail. 

The last time this occurred in Singapore was 25 June 2013 – over four years ago.

 31 Jan – Crazy Strong Winds

Almost as if nature were making a mockery of Singapore’s typical ‘not-so-happening’ weather, this happened just one day after the hail.

Eastern Singapore was struck with exceptionally strong winds, which caused things like this to happen in East Coast Park.

The flying boats in the video are over 35kg each.

It’s somewhat crazy that a perfect storm of incredibly uncommon weather phenomena could occur together all in the space of one month.

31 Jan – Super Blue Blood Moon

Especially, when that month ends with a celestial phenomena last seen 152 years ago.

Super blue blood moon

Super Blue Blood Moon. Read more about why the moon was RED here.

Singaporeans were treated to a celestial spectacle on the last day of January.

The Super Blue Blood Moon, a lunar trifecta of a blue moon, a supermoon and a lunar eclipse, took place simultaneously for the first time since 1866.

Singaporeans might have been able witness the event if they looked up at the sky from an unclouded area.

That about sums up Singapore’s bizarre weather in January.

Our weather for the rest of the year is likely to be a lot more normal, now that the Northeast Monsoon has passed us.

Well, at least, hopefully

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