LTA to install red-amber-green arrow lights at right-turn junctions, implement more safety measures

In the wake of two fatal accidents that happened in Clementi and Bt Timah in the past week, where in both cases one vehicle involved made a discretionary right turn, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has announced on Thursday (April 26) a programme to nearly eliminate the use of discretionary right turns that some blamed for the two accidents.

Under this programme, motorists will have to wait for a green arrow sign before making a right turn at a vast majority of Singapore’s 1,600 junctions.


In response to queries on the safety of junctions with discretionary right turns, LTA said it has already introduced red-amber-green arrow lights at 200 junctions, and the rest will be completed in five years.


They added, for junctions where it is not feasible to install the lights, they will look into other features to boost road safety, such as: turning pockets, lighted road studs, integrated pedestrian countdown timers, dashed pedestrian crossing lines and “Give Way to Pedestrians” signs.

In an effort to ensure road safety, LTA also mentioned that it does regular reviews to identify accident-prone locations, and ramps up safety in such areas with special lights, signs or road markings.



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