Maid Falsely Accussed Man of Rape

Among all the cases of women coming out to share their #MeToo stories, it seems that not all have legitimate cases.

Maid admits to falsely accusing employer’s father-in-law of rape in police report

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Dina Melina, a 32-year-old Indonesian accepted an employer’s invitation to work at her residence as a maid and began her job in late 2013. There, she interacted with Abu Bakar, her employer’s father-in-law.

In late 2016, Melina borrowed $1,000 from Abu Bakar to settle some problems. However, she was not able to pay back even after several months. She asked Abu Bakar if she could repay her loan in other forms to which the latter suggest sex and she accepted.


After some time, Melina felt that she was underpaid by her employer and thus turn to Abu Bakar, the employer’s father-in-law. She lied to Abu Bakar that she does not feel well after their intimate encounter previously. Abu Bakar then lent her another $1,000 to pay for her medical examination.

Again, she was not able to return the sum of money and thus she allowed Abu Bakar to touch her breast in return this time.

Unsatisfied with all that she has received, she tried to blackmail Abu Bakar. She impersonated as her employer and sent Abu Bakar messages, claiming that the pair’s sexual relationship has been discovered. Unless Abu Bakar sends her money, she will leak the information.

Unfortunately for her, Abu Bakar did not fall for the bait and refused to give any money. This frustrated Melina and prompted her to file a false-rape report. She was hoping to land her employer, whom she felt underpaid her, and Abu Bakar in trouble.

She alleged to the police that Abu Bakar had raped her and touched her without consent. A polygraph test result showed Melina to be lying and she admitted to her false reports.

Melina faces a jail term of maximum one year and/or a fine of $5,000 on each count of lying to a public servant. Upon hearing Melina’s side of the story, many people immediately point fingers at Abu Bakar. They would see him as a rapist or pervert. In the end, Abu Bakar was only offering the “victim” a means to repay her debt which she agreed to. The “victim” even went as far as blackmailing and defaming Abu Bakar.

Moral of the Story

Do not be quick to judge someone without hearing both sides of the story. Many times, we sympathized with the female “victim” due to their colourful recount and immediately accept it as the truth.

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