Maid jailed for stealing over $40k from elderly employer’s wife

When her employer’s 76-year-old wife was asleep or watching the television, a domestic worker pounced on the chance to steal her ATM card and over the course of one and a half months, withdrew more than S$40,000.

Having discovered that the elderly woman had written the personal identification number for her ATM card in a notebook and kept her ATM card in her bag stored by her bedside, Eka Nur Indah used the card to make occasional withdrawals and unauthorised Nets purchases such as beauty treatments, mobile phones and jewellery.


Eka started her crime spree on June 9 last year, when she withdrew $1,900 in cash from a nearby ATM machine before returning the card. She would return the card each time and steal it again subsequently on days when she wanted to withdraw money.


From then until July 18 last year, she stole the elderly woman’s card 21 more times, withdrawing between $300 and $1,000 in each transaction and remitted some of the money home.


Her crimes were only exposed when her employer’s son realised that money had been withdrawn from his mother’s account on a regular basis when he was using it to perform some fund transfers.


After confirming with his mother that she did not make the withdrawals, the 49-year-old then lodged a police report.


The 26-year-old Indonesian pleaded guilty to 18 theft charges involving $18,000 and was jailed for a year on June 1. Fifty-three other charges- mainly for theft- involving the remaining amount were taken into consideration during sentencing.


For each charge of theft, Eka could have been jailed for up to three years and/or fined.



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