Malaysian deputy minister solves problem by ‘praying’

Frequent users of Malaysian roads will be aware of the numerous potholes visible around. Despite feedbacks from the people, it seems that the potholes still exist. Having enough of this, one Malaysian deputy minister took matters into his own hand, by praying.

10.40am, I pray this morning… Has the mayor? District officer? Councilors? Come to see the potholes on Jalan Bukit Berlian that has gotten wider and used their absolute power to pave this road, before something bad befalls the people of Tangga Batu. ‘Ya Allah, please grant the wishes of your servant, amin.’ Every day I must work hard. We have to do beneficial work. The people of Tangga Batu is always in my heart.

Mr Abu Bakar had been trying to get the district council concerned to carry out the repair works. But his efforts were largely ignored. On his way back from a funeral on 19th Feb, he noticed that the potholes were still there.

Thus, he decided to sit in the middle of the road in a praying position and uploaded his photos onto Facebook. Miraculously, in less than 12 hours, the road was finally plastered and paved.

This shows us the power of praying…time to start praying for help everytime you meet a problem.

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