Malaysian man arrested for helping Chew Eng Han escape Singapore

Tuesday, 27 Feb 2018, a Malaysian man was arrested in his house after he was accused in helping the formal City Harvest Church leader Che Eng Han escape Singapore.

Screenshot of the video on the arrest.

The Malaysian, Khoo Kea Leng, was said to have met Chew in a car park near Block 75 Marine Drive.

In the car, the two discussed the plan for Chew’s escape and then paid Khoo a few thousand dollars to facilitate it.

Chew attempted his escape on last Wednesday, 21 Feb 2018, with the help of a boatman, Tan Poh Teck, with his Sampan.

He was caught near Pulau Ubin by the Singapore Police.

The boatman, Tan, has been charged with abetting Chew’s flee.

On Monday, 26 Feb 2018, Khoo was arrested in Malaysia and swiftly handed over to the Singapore Police. He is scheduled to be charged in court on Wednesday.

Chew was brought back to the scene of the crime by the police on Tuesday, 27 Feb 2018, at the Marine Drive.

Khoo then directed the authority to the spot where the transaction took place with the description of the crime.

Chew is resentenced at an urgent hearing on Tuesday morning by the Court of Appeal. He will start his jail term on 1 Mar 2018, after his one week remand period expires.

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