Man ARRESTED after jumping on a car and stomping on its windscreen near St. James Power Station

A 26-year-old man jumped onto the front bonnet of an oncoming car and stomped on its windscreen, before climbing atop the vehicle in the early hours of Saturday (May 5).

The incident happened when his father, a 72-year-old Grab driver, responded to a customer booking at St. James Power Station.

In the dashcam video of a private-hire vehicle, the perpetrator could be seen approaching the vehicle before committing his rash act.


The video was posted on Facebook by the driver’s son, Mr. Alex Koh, 42, who goes by the pseudonym Belleiansia Xu on the site.


“When my father got out of the car to check the damage, the guy became hostile,” said the younger Mr Koh.


Fearing for his safety, the driver then drove away from the scene to prevent further confrontation and made a police report.


The perpetrator, Chee Chu Siong, was subsequently arrested the following day (May 6) for committing a rash act and was charged in court the day after (May 7).


However, the 72-year-old gave Chee an ultimatum.


He would let the matter rest and not press charges if Chee were to compensate him for the repairs- which he suggested may amount to $10,000 because the roof of his BMW is fully aluminium and therefore cannot be knocked back and has to be replaced- as well as his loss of income.


Chee is currently out on bail of $5,000 and will be back in court on May 24.


If convicted of committing a rash act, he can be jailed for up to six months and fined up to $2,500.


What an expensive price to pay for his rash act. Truly, young, dumb and broke. Sometimes, alcohol gives one the courage to do or say things he has never dared while sober. Hopefully the youngster sobers up!



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