Man in China pees in fish spa pool, kills thousands of fish

Thousands of fish died- for the most absurd of reasons, at a fish spa in Guangdong, China, after two men’s visit to the salon.

The incident first happened when two men, who were acquainted, visited the salon and did a fish spa therapy.


The duo dipped their feet in the pool and later fell asleep.


During their short nap, one of the men, allegedly urinated in his sleep and when he awoke about five minutes later, he realised that the fish near him had all died. They then left the scene.


However, when the owner reviewed the closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage of the area the men had been at, he noticed foam and bubbles that had formed beneath the perpetrator before the fish had died.


He has since demanded from them a payment of $6417 for the damages, to which the two countered: “How would I have known that the fish were so weak? I merely lost control over my bladder.”


The perpetrator accused the owner of extortion instead, prompting the owner to call the police.




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