Man goes against traffic to rescue dog in the middle of the road

If an animal is walking in the middle of a busy 3-lane road, how many people would actually stop their vehicle in the middle of a busy road only to cause a traffic congestion and trigger the impatience of the drivers? Apparently, no one did, until one man decided to rescue the wandering puppy from its situation.


As seen in the video uploaded to Facebook, motorists only avoided and went past the puppy along Upper Thomson Road. In addition, the people at the bus stop too, merely watched as the dog gaited past them.


Should any motorists run over an animal and do not stop to help it, it could mean a fine or jail time.


Thankfully, a pedestrian who had the courage to go onto the road against the traffic went to the puppy’s rescue. The puppy stopped in its tracks and appeared scared when the man approached, before he picked it up and carried it to the side of the road.


If it were a child instead of a dog, would someone have helped earlier?



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